30 Before 30 Bucket List {Update}

Today, I turn 30 years old. Each new decade of life brings with it a whole slew of emotions and reflection! This one is no different, especially because I set a bucket list for my 30th year.

When I started my 20’s, I was dating my husband, in college, and without kids. I’m closing this decade with Bachelor’s Degree, a husband, three amazing kids, and a career I love (most days!) There is a lot to reflect on!

Last year on the blog I shared my 30 Before 30 Bucket List, and challenged other moms to consider starting their own “Daring Moms Club.” The idea was just to celebrate each birthday with a list of things to accomplish- for you as a woman! Rather than let each birthday slip by and get lost in the forest of parenthood, I challenged our readers to set goals for self-development and growth, and even connect with loved ones and friends in new ways. Here is my update on my own list.

Last Year’s Bucket List

  1. Complete the high ropes challenge course at Main Event. I completed this one on my birthday, with a group of friends, to kick off my year of daring! 
  2. Read the “Harry Potter” series for the first time. Hands down my favorite character is Snape, and I already have a Harry Potter World visit planned for 2019 with some college friends!
  3. Hike Red River Gorge. I spent a girl’s weekend away, hiking the gorge, and even going cave kayaking too. 

    Bucket List Item: Hike Red River Gorge – CHECK!

  4. Write an e-book.
  5. Take my baby to the ocean for the first time.  
  6. Read “Eat Pray Love.”
  7. Watch “Life is Beautiful.”
  8. Take a picnic and hike John Bryan State Park. 
  9. Take a ghost tour of Cincinnati.
  10. Read “Dandelion Wine.”
  11. Eat steak at The Precinct. I got this one done at the last minute- just two days ago! 
  12. Take a tour of Carew Tower.
  13. Eat truffle fries at Morton’s. I was not prepared for how fancy the restaurant was, and felt very out of place in leggings and a t-shirt on my way to a Bengals game! We still enjoyed it. 
  14. Eat donuts at Stan the Donut Man.
  15. Drink a margarita at Taqueria Mercado in Fairfield. Crossed this one off with some other Cincinnati Mom’s Blog team members. 
  16. Read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Omg, the worst. So emotional.
  17. Renovate my master bathroom. This was started but not completed, yet. 🙂 
  18. Eat fried chicken at The Eagle in OTR. I not only did this, but I did it totally by myself on a whim in between appointments one afternoon.
  19. See the new Star Wars in IMAX when it is released. This was an easy one to cross off the list…
  20. Make my own sangria.
  21. Lose the baby weight finally (two years postpartum…). 
  22. Go to a Bengals game. 
  23. Take a ghost tour of my town, Lebanon.
  24. Read “E Myth.”
  25. Eat poutine at Senate in OTR. 
  26. Read “Switch.”
  27. Go canoeing on the Little Miami River. Then my kid got a tick….
  28. Do a zip line tour.  100% worth it! Next on the list is a CAVE zip line tour. 
    Zip line tour cincinnati

    Bucket List Item: Zip Line Tour – CHECK!

  29. Visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.
  30. Do the Perimeter Trail around Caesar Creek Lake (12 miles).

Bucket List Results

As you can see, I didn’t make it through my whole list, but I did so many things I am very proud of doing! It was fun to have a few challenges and friends asking me throughout the year if I had completed my list and if they could join me. I connected with an old college friend on the zip line, got to engage my husband on some fun dates (Bengals!), and stretched my own limits by spending an evening on my own walking Vine Street from Senate in OTR down to the Carew Tour, among many other highlights.

Even though I didn’t finish every item on my list, I feel good about what I did accomplish. I look forward to checking the remaining items off the list in my 30th year, and adding a few more as well!

My 30th Year Bucket List

  1. Take a ghost tour of Lebanon. — We were out of town the day this was offered!
  2. Visit the Indy Children’s Museum. — We went to Disney last year, so a trip to Indy wasn’t quite in the cards. This year, though, we hope to spend a weekend in Indianapolis.
  3. Do the perimeter trail around Caesar Creek Lake.
  4. Lose the baby weight. — I started last year, and need to complete this year!
  5. Do a cave zip line tour. — The zip line over the Little Miami was so much fun, I’m ready to try cave zip lining.
  6. Read Dandelion Wine.
  7. Go see a live comedian.
  8. Help tile our Master Bath.
  9. Start courses that could be applied applied toward a future Master’s Degree.
  10. Learn to knit.
  11. Go ice skating on an outdoor rink with my oldest daughter.
  12. Read Dune by Frank Herbert.
  13. Take the Cincinnai Underground tour.
  14. Do the 23&Me ancestry plus health test.

Do you have any books or movies I should add to my list? Any must see, must do, or must EAT foods in and around Cincinnati to try? Give me a challenge- I would love to try!

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