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BODYARMOR :: Superior Hydration for the Whole Family

cmb-bodyarmorDisclaimer :: Cincinnati Moms Blog received free product in exchange for this post, however all opinions are our own and 100% genuine!

When asked to try BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ and write about my opinions, I thought this is right up my alley. Long before we decided to have kids there was a shift in how my husband and I chose our food, drinks, cleaning and body products. We do our best to be as natural as possible. I use essential oils for some of our minor ailments. I check product labels. We support local farming and pay attention to where things are made. When our daughter was born, it didn’t take long for us to discover her sensitivity to red dye. This made us even more vigilant in our pursuit to know what was in the products around us.

While we are not overly strict – we indulge in donuts, apple cider when the weather is right, and I allow the bank teller to give my kids a sucker while they’re waiting patiently for the transaction to be completed – we still do our best to put the best things into our bodies and to continuously take care of ourselves physically.

The gym has become a bit of a sanctuary for me. I need it. I love it. The things I eat and drink help to fuel me through the time I spend there and I can’t get enough of the feeling I have when I’m walking out the door after a sweaty session and, while tired, energized. I’m also a yoga instructor, and if I were to follow my training closely there are a lot of things that I should be paying attention to when choosing nourishment.

BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ is a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration and is loaded with potassium-packed electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water and contains nothing artificial.

BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ is a great addition to my active lifestyle. A way to keep me fueled and going through my pursuit of fitness and motherhood. BODYARMOR touts natural flavors and sweeteners, it uses coconut water, and is packed with vitamins and electrolytes. I can’t do the typical sports drinks you see in the stores with all of the added sugar, colors and ingredients I can’t pronounce.

BODYARMOR SportsDrink NutritionThey sent over a package of six drinks for me to try and they’ve been a great pick-me-up. While I’m not usually a fan of things like Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch or island-anything, they offer a Strawberry Banana and Orange Mango that, funny enough, are actual fruits. With a ton of potassium, I’ll be sure not to cramp up after tough workouts. There’s Vitamin C, A and 100 percent of your daily value of Folic Acid. Awesome for all the active pregnant mamas out there.

BodyArmor’s “All-Star Lineup of Superior Hydration” includes such flavors as:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Mango
  • Tropical Punch
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Grape
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mixed Berry
  • Blackout Berry
BODYARMOR Strawberry Banana Nutritional Label

Gluten free, certified Kosher and no caffeine!

I grab these when I’m heading out the door for a long day. I have drop-offs and pick-ups, tumbling classes, soccer practice, yoga classes to teach, my own workouts to slay, walks around the neighborhood and romps around the backyard with two very active toddlers. Unlike a lot of people, I’ll sip on one of these throughout the entire day. I’m not a gulp and go. It’s perfect for that little jolt of energy to keep me going and holds off all of those donut cravings!

Want to grab some BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ and try it for yourself?  Find a store near you!  (Hint: You can find it at Target and CVS!)  You can also follow BODYARMOR on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram!


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