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Perspectives in Parenting: All Day PreK & Daycare

daycareAs a working mother, finding childcare that is acceptable and affordable for my two little ones is always a top priority. Childcare a necessity for working families, it can be hard to find a childcare provider that is truly a good fit for your family. Whether it be a nanny, babysitter, daycare, preschool, your in-laws, etc.  While all of the above have their positive points and draw backs, what has worked for my littles has been the availability of a full day preschool and daycare.  Here’s why:

  1. The people that work there are my village.  Remember the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child”?  In our current fast paced world, it seems that this has been thrown out the window.  However, in a daycare setting, the wonderful, caring staff is my village.  They let me know when my kids are having off days or when their tummies hurt.  When my youngest is upset about me leaving, they snuggle with him until he is happy enough to run around with his peers.
  2. My children are learning new things everyday. My oldest who is in preschool has made astounding progress in his writing skills solely from what he has learned at preschool.   My youngest has picked up several new phrases to add to his vocabulary.  Their counting improves every day.  They also get to partake in fun art crafts while learning what colors mix together to make new colors.
  3. My children are able to take part in social play all day long! Children love, love, love to talk as any parent knows.  The added bonus of them being able to talk all day long to their peers is such an amazing benefit to any preschool or daycare program.  Not only do they get to interact with friends all day, they also are able to socialize and play with others in a safe environment.

Whatever type of childcare you choose for your little ones, the hope is that everyone is able to feel that their children are happy and content, which in turn, makes for happy and content parents!

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