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Beat the Summer Heat!

beat the summer heatWe all know it’s very important to keep hydrated when it’s hot! ….  Here are some tips and fun things to do to keep your family cool, hydrated, and entertained in this Summer Heat:

  • Put water bottles in the freezer and you’ll have ice water for several hours while outside.
  • Let the kid’s have water balloon and water gun fights outside.
    • You can get these very cheap at your local dollar store.
  • Make ice cube necklaces:
    • Materials: ice cube trays, water, beads, and string
      • Thread beads on the string.
      • Fill the ice cube trays with water.
      • Lay the string long-ways across the ice cube tray and then back out the other side
      • Set the beads in the water.
      • Freeze.
      • Tie around the kids’ necks while outside, and it keeps them cool!
  • Make homemade popsicles with the kids,
    • Let the kids pick Kool-Aid, Lemonade, Crystal Light, etc. to mix up themselves (or with help!). (I prefer the Crystal Light with Stevia to keep it healthy and non-sticky in our family.) Let them pour (or help pour) the drink mix into popsicle molds, freeze, and enjoy!
  • Go to the Splash Playgrounds around Cincinnati! We have a great list for you here!

Watch this clip from Fox19 Now Cincinnati to see Contributor Courtney present these ideas in person.

Beat the Heat - Fox 19

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