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Be the goodDo you ever worry about the adults your children will become? In a world that has so much bad in it, do you find yourself wishing for your family to be part of the good? As parents, there are so many things we can do to lead our children to who we want them to become. We can tell them, redirect them, remind them and tell them again. But, how often do we get the chance to show them? We can try and help them understand that not everyone is as lucky as they may be. We can tell them that not everyone is worried about the newest App or the newest toys. Children are naturally caring. They are empathetic without hesitation. If they learn when they are young to care for other people this stays with them as they grow up. Let them be a part of doing good.

If given the opportunity kids can do amazing things! Here are a few ways you can help your kids give back.

  1. Find a charity or cause that is close to your family’s heart. Our family chose Cincinnati Children’s Hospital because of our daughter’s hospital stay. In the past we have chosen foster care agencies because of our fostering experience. You could donate to an Animal Shelter, needy schools, hospitals, Veterans organizations, food pantries- find what speaks to you and your family.
  2. Let the kids be involved. Let them take charge. Let them choose which charity or organization they want to give back to. If they make that choice they take ownership of it and are more excited to be a part of it.
  3. Once you have made the choice of where to give back make sure you check with that organization to see what they need. Depending on the time of year needs change. Let them know what you would like to do and ask for suggestions.
  4. imageYou can help with the big things, but the kids can help too! Let them help with collection, organization and be sure when dropping things off the kids are there to see where their hard work is going.
  5. If you are unable to collect and donate items because of financial circumstances you can give your time! Volunteer for a few hours at Matthew 25 Ministries or at an Animal Shelter. Make cards and pass them out at a local nursing home. There are many ways to give back that don’t cost a thing.
  6. Be honest. Tell your kids why you are doing this, let them see that not everyone has the things they do. Tell them the importance of giving to others. Volunteer to make dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald  House.
  7. Praise your children for their hard work. Let them know how proud you are and what a good thing they are doing. It is okay to brag on them a bit too, and let them hear you brag. This positive praise is always good.
  8. Make this something you do as a family. Involve extended family and friends. Ask for help to make your donation of time or food and gifts even better. Set the example of who you want your kids to be and let them be that example for those around them.
  9. Don’t  just make this a once a year event. Maybe once a season or on major holidays. Make it something you can enjoy as a family. Not a pain, but a privilege.
  10. Contact the organization to arrange drop off of your donations. Let them know the amount you are bringing and when you are coming. This will make it easier on them and less stressful on you. Take a picture of your kids and their donations. Keep a scrapbook of all of the good they have done. Reminding them of what a difference they can make.

There are so many ways we can give back in our community. Helping our children to have a love for giving back at a young age helps them to be giving adults. Remember not every child, not every adult,  has the desire to give back naturally. Push them along a little. Get them excited. Lead by example. Here are a few websites and contacts to help get you started….

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

Children’s Home of Cincinnati

Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati – Call for volunteer opportunities

Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati
350 Erkenbrecher Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229 USA
Phone: 513 636 7642

Matthew 25 Ministries

Western Hills Retirement Village

Cincinnati VA Medical center

Animal Shelters

Humane Society

Happy Giving.

If you make a donation or volunteer this year and this post helped you along the way please use the hashtag #CMBfamiliesgiveback and share your pictures with us on Instagram.


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