Back to School – Mom’s Turn

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I suddenly felt like I should have already been doing something more with my life by that point.  While I had some certifications and a two-year degree from earlier on, I suddenly had a burning desire to go back to school and get a full Bachelor degree.

As a soon-to-be working mom with limited income, I had a difficult time deciding what the best course of schooling would be for me.  Almost a decade ago, the available online degree programs were still extremely limited.  Not only did I have to try and find an affordable school, I had to weigh the options of evening classes versus online classes.  I ultimately chose an online accelerated program that was geared towards adults. 

I work well being self-directed and holding myself to my own study schedule.  Others may not thrive in that type of environment.  If you can, however, I highly recommend an online degree program as a busy SAHM or working mom. 

I finally finished an Associates degree in Business Administration in 2015 and then my Bachelors in Business Administration with an HR focus in 2017 – even managed to graduate with honors!

I love learning, and I was really proud of achieving a huge educational goal of mine.  I do not judge anyone who passes on college before knowing what you want to do with that higher education.  It is a very expensive decision to make, and you have to determine if the cost has a potential payoff in the future that is worth it to you.  When I first started college, a four-year degree ended up not being a priority for me at that stage in my life.

I don’t feel guilty at all for finishing an undergrad in my thirties.  If you are a mom considering going back to school – and it’s something you really want for yourself – don’t let any age hold you back.  I was actually inspired by my own mother who went back to school to finish her Bachelors in her forties – then even went back and got her Masters after that!  I was so proud of her and so inspired to do it myself since it was what I really wanted.

There are some amazing local colleges across Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky that offer online programs, but you can really choose any college you want in the country that offers an online program you can do right from your home – with the kid(s) right in the room with you even!

I decided to keep going this year and am now working on my MBA with an HR concentration.  If you’re considering going back to school, know that if I can do, you can too!

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