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Not HisOnly Mom

Not His Only Mom

I’m not his only mom. Last week my son came to me and said, “Mom, do I have more moms?” For most kids this would be a silly question, but not for my boy. I said yes Wyatt you have had 3 moms. You had your belly mommy who carried you in her belly and […]

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The Papas and the Daddies

I grew up lucky. I had a daddy who was present and involved. He was a hard working man who was at the dinner table every night. He taught me how to fish, coached my teams and never missed an opportunity to tell me he loved me. He showed me the kind of person I […]

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Guilty Pleasures

Moms Guilty Pleasures

  As moms we don’t take much time for ourselves, so when we do we make it count. It doesn’t take much in life to make a mom happy, it’s the little things. So here are my top 10 guilty mom pleasures that make life so much sweeter. Kid Food- Whether it is strawberry pop […]

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The Fear

Sometimes it creeps up. Sometimes it smacks me in the face. This feeling of knowing that I am not in control. I can’t control the temperature, the pain, the sickness that is making my little one so miserable. As I sit and stare at her praying with each breath that she sleeps peacefully and wakes […]

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far from color blind

Far from Color Blind

As white parents of a black child we are learning how to deal with racism. How are we to respond to comments, not made to our child, just in the vicinity of adults? When someone slips and says something without thinking of this child we love. Not out of anger, not made to be degrading, […]

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The Friend Break-Up

When we think of break-ups we think of a relationship. Of a couple, married or dating, who are no longer together. I have been through a breakup like that and it wasn’t fun. But, the breakup I had with one of my best friends was worse than I could have imagined. As a friend we […]

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What Did You Do

What Did You Do, Mom?

A typical Saturday morning at our house. Kids are on the couch eating pop tarts and watching cartoons. Dog is cleaning up the crumbs. Baby is babbling and wanting a bottle. Mom made herself a hot cup of coffee. Sits on the couch, notices a table of clutter and gets up. And so it begins. […]

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