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Social Media and Working Teens

This generation has always known social media.  Likely, their own pictures were posted on Myspace after delivery and by the time they were school aged, their parents were uploading almost instantly the newly minted ballet shoes or the off-key adorable school choir show to Facebook. They watched as we posted our experiences and responded to […]

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A High Energy World

Is your kiddo bouncing off walls? Will they literally stop in the middle of doing anything and start doing jumping jacks? Have you thought, “Sports. This kid needs sports,” only to watch him/her start the spin drill and continue to spin because they get caught up in the motion. Do you feel like you say […]

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Faces of Cincinnati

Faces of Cincinnati: Personal Trainer Kelly Burchett

Meet Kelly Burchett, a 33-year-old mama of two adorable boys. Working full time, she also sidelines as a personal trainer at Evolution Fitness. Follow her on Instagram @KellyAnnBFit. Kelly is open to answer any fitness questions you have! How did you know you wanted to be involved with fitness? I didn’t get into fitness until college […]

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It Happened to Us: A Bomb Threat at School

It started with a bomb threat to the entire school district.  It ended with an unnerving and forced reality; one in which, despite growing up with multiple bomb threats and being in high school during Columbine, I was ill-prepared for. Enter Thursday/Friday On Thursday night, the notification came and a sweep of the schools was […]

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