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Mommy Alert Levels

All moms have limits. During a recent weather report on the news I realized those limits look a lot like the levels of severe weather alerts. As a stay at home mom of two boys, here is my take on the mommy alert levels: Green: No Severe Weather This would be when your children are […]

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The Battle of the Pouch

By now, you’ve probably seen the Facebook photos of store bought baby food pouches with mold in them. Whether these were true or not, before I even became a mom I decided my future kiddos wouldn’t eat any store bought pouches. Luckily for me, you can purchase the equipment now to make your own pouches, […]

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Date Night Fail

Last year before Christmas there was a Groupon for a company that would send a box each month with a date night inside. With a one year old and another baby on the way, I thought that sounded like a fun way to have a date night without having to hire a sitter and go […]

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Embracing the Selfie

Up until three years ago, I had never taken a selfie. I wasn’t against other people taking them, but I hate photos of myself and therefore had no desire to ever take a selfie. Then I became pregnant with my first child, about the time I read a blog post about how moms are seldom […]

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Embracing the Living Eulogy

This past Easter was kind of a tough time for our family, when a college teammate of my husbands suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. We had just had a baby who was diagnosed with reflux, and a few other family members and family friends were going through difficult times. My husband and older son went back to […]

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