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Nursing A Toddler: Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding is hard work; breastfeeding a toddler probably deserves some sort of medal. Toddlers, as we moms know, are a constantly moving, wiggling, and attempting feats of physical prowess previously only accomplished by members of the circus. It’s no wonder that nursing a toddler feels like an Olympic sport; between the wiggles, the body-bending, and […]

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Please Don’t Call My Daughter “Pretty”

I love this article. LOVE IT.  You see, my daughter is blonde. Like, platinum, people-pay-money-for-it blonde. And that’s all anyone notices. We get asked, “Where did her hair color come from?” (Her father and I are both starkly in the brunette category). Or told, “Blonde hair and blue eyes! You’re in trouble!”  No. We’re not. At least […]

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Thank You To My Sister

To my sister,  Who always wanted to be a mom Who has struggled to have her own baby Who has spent countless hours and dollars on tests and procedures Who has smiled through the cringe-worthy prodding of well-meaning family members Who has sweetly cared for others’ babies without complaint   Thank you.  Thank you for […]

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