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One Minute Inside a Mom’s Head: 39th Birthday Edition

My birthday is coming up. I seriously hate my birthday. I mean, why is it so hard for everyone to remember my birthday? I thought my sister had it bad because her birthday is a week before Christmas so they were combined a lot. But at least people remembered HER birthday. They all liked her better anyway (and still do), so that’s not surprising.

I just want to forget my birthday, especially this year being my last year in my 30’s. I used to look forward to being in my 30’s. I couldn’t wait to turn 30. Then I turned 30. I really don’t want to celebrate my birthday this year. Not that it matters because most people will forget anyway. They always do. I’m not going to remind anyone either. Maybe I should turn off the Facebook reminder as well and keep my birthday private on my profile. Is it on my LinkedIn and Twitter? Instagram? I’m going to have to check all those. I wish people would remember.

This morning my hair looked really gray. I don’t think it was the lighting this time. The gray hairs are starting to take over! Do I pull them out? I did before but then my friends told me they come in even more when I do that. I did that before…is that why I have all this gray hair now? Nah, that’s just an old wives tale, totally not true! Now I have to Google that to make sure. Oh I should check WebMD too so I can see if that pain and crackling sound in my knee is early arthritis, or something worse to be concerned about…..

And the wrinkles…I have wrinkles…is that a wrinkle? Oh, no, that’s just a crease mark from my pillowcase. I’m good. Where’s my anti-aging face cream? And the eye cream to tighten the puffy, dark circles under my eyes? Is it gone? Did I throw that out when I was cleaning up the clutter this weekend? Shoot….I can’t find it! Let me just pull out my phone and add it to my shopping app. Done. Hopefully I can find a coupon for it. That stuff is so expensive!

I’m too old for this!

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