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Toddler To-Do List

I literally said, “that’s not funny” seventeen times to my toddler son today. Now, a frustrating day is coming to and end – sigh of relief paired with a bold Merlot. And then, as I laid my sweet child/monster down to sleep, I found it, scrawled in green crayon (because he knows he’s not supposed to play with pens) — my Toddler’s To-Do List:

Today’s To-Do List:

  1. Tell mom I don’t like scrambled eggs after she makes them.

  2. Touch toothbrush on all doorknobs and other places it generally shouldn’t be.

  3. Refuse any drink that isn’t accompanied by a blue, bendy straw (specificity is important here).

  4. Say “No” at least 53 times today. Can be consecutive.

  5. Pants must never be put on one leg at a time.

  6. Suspicions have been raised – taste all pennies today.

  7. Baby Beluga. All. Damn. Day.

  8. Call parent’s bluff. Proceed without caution.

  9. Due to sibling popularity, generate more poopy jokes.

  10. Play some sort of loud instrument. Any song requests?

  11. Cry at the click of a car seat.

  12. Show broad displeasure at most times today.

  13. Request cumbersome, plastic toys to nap with because they need love, too.

  14. Hide — just long enough to scare parents.

  15. Overthink the car cart options at the grocery store.

  16. Unfold folded laundry. It has been sitting there for a while.

  17. Limit sharing of toys.

  18. Attend all of mom’s restroom breaks. Someone in here?  Didn’t think so.

  19. Snacks were meant for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.

  20. Tell mom you love her at bedtime. Makes everything better.

Turns out, he did better with his to-do list than I did with mine. He usually does. So, I’ll focus on the positive and recognize that he is productive and goal-oriented, along with being a pain in my butt. Toddlers may push our buttons, but thankfully they warm our hearts at the same time.  What’s on your toddlers to-do list?  Leave your comments below!


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  1. Sharon April 18, 2017 at 7:33 am #

    From the toddler I sometimes babysit: I wanna watch Bubbles. (I put on Bubble Guppies. 2 seconds later…..) I wanna watch Thomas. I put on Thomas. I wanna watch Elmo. I switch to Sesame Street. Then…. I,wanna watch Bubbles! At that point, I finally say no. (Only takes three times for me to learn!)

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