10 Things I Wouldn’t Want to Mom Without

This Momming gig is HARD, isn’t it? Stealing “me time” isn’t always possible for me, especially in a big chunk at a time. I do try to steal a minute here and there when I can, and these things help keep me sane and some even save me time! We each have our own list, and here is mine…the 10 things I wouldn’t want to mom without!

Date Night

I’m so thankful for my husband. I couldn’t do this mom thing without him. I love an opportunity to get out just him and me to reconnect. 


My husband, mentioned above, has me spoiled. He makes me a latte every morning. I mean the caffeine is a nice benefit, but I just love the taste of fresh roasted beans brewed with a little syrup and steamed milk. I tune everything out and savor that first sip.

My Calendar App

I was looking for calendar apps before it was a thing. It is almost standard now to have different colors for different calendars. But when I needed it 6 years ago, it was hard to find. I’ve been very thankful for my calendar app to help me get the littles where and when they belong! Usually!!

My YMCA Membership

I’ve been running for 4.5 years now. I use the treadmills and the weights A LOT, but we frequent the pools all year round. They have great classes for all ages…kids can start using some of the weight machines as young as 7, with adult supervision. It’s never too early to teach kids healthy living.


I can remember my first pair of Toms. Red ones. Mother’s Day gift 2013. My husband thought I was crazy; they were soooo ugly. But my collection has grown over the years to 7 pairs of Classics and 2 pairs of flip flops. They are so comfortable. They can add a flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit. You pick the right ones and they can go with e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. 


For above mentioned coffee. A few years ago I got a Mossy Oak travel mug. I’m sure you saw the time lapse video that it kept things just as hot and just as cold as the YETI brand. Maybe. But YETI has a far superior lid, especially now with the new magnetic closing lid.


I seem to be more sensitive to sun the older I get. A good pair of sunglasses help protect my eyes, add a little style, and cover up my dark circles.


For toting those kids where they belong. There’s plenty of space for all the kids and all their stuff. 

Nail Polish

A little nail polish goes a long way. I love a little color on my fingers to brighten up the day.


We aren’t big leftover eaters at our house. But, I do like to think about my `13′ lunches when I’m making dinner. If we’re grilling chicken, I cook up a few extra that I can slice and add to a salad or baked sweet potato. If I’m making taco soup, I will portion it out and toss in the fridge for a few days of lunches. Doesn’t take any more time, but it saves time when it comes to thinking of, and making something for my lunch.

So, we want to know… What’s in your “just for mom” toolbox?

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