10 DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween can get pretty expensive! For those moms looking to go a unique and inexpensive route this Halloween, I’ve gathered a list of 10 DIY Halloween costumes for your child. Crafty or not, some of these can be pretty easy!

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  1. Lego Piece– This is my personal favorite from my top 10 list! Super cute, so easy. You could also personalize it for a boy or a girl and use his/her favorite color. 
  2. Superhero/Supergirl This is so much fun. A lot of these items most of us have on hand already. The kids could really get into the personal touches and make this their own. You could add a tutu! A magic wand! The possibilities are endless. 
  3. Cupcake-  Who doesn’t like cupcakes?! If you don’t, we cannot be friends. Just kidding. You could even pick your favorite cupcake flavor and go for it. 
  4. Jellyfish- This one made me go AWWWWW. So adorable. So EASY. I mean who knew you could make a jellyfish out of an umbrella and some pretty streamers. 
  5. Raincloud-  The rain boots make this costume. Super cute. A lot of the items you will have on hand! 
  6. Flower Pot– I love how thrifty this could come together. Dollar store is my BFF. Also, leggings and tops you probably have already! 
  7. Grapes-   Every time I see someone dressed in this, I wish I would have. Gives everyone a laugh, and it’s so easy to make for non- crafty people. 
  8. Artist- For your little Van-Gogh! This unique costume will really make your child stand out. You could very much personalize this, too! 
  9. Kissing Booth-  AWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Really easy to make, and it will have all of the passers by oooooing and ahhhhing. Because I’m a dork, I notice the lipstick kisses – those are a must with this costume. 
  10. Crazy Cat Lady – My daughter picked this one out when we were researching! This is another good one if you have a lot of this on hand (Stuffed animals, robe, slippers).

Honorable Mention: 

Family Costume ideas-So many neat ideas following this link! I personally like the pool-tube made into a cupcake. 

Have fun with your Halloween costumes this year and please share your pictures with us when you do! 

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