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Helping Our Kid’s With Self-Esteem

Growing up I was blessed with parents that never talked negatively about themselves or us. More specifically I can’t recall a time when my mom talked negatively about her body, her skills or her image. I didn’t know it back then but this has been one of the greatest gifts from her to me. Don’t […]

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Integrative Medicine: A Pediatrician’s Perspective

What is Integrative Medicine? Integrative Medicine takes the best of mainstream conventional medicine and marries it with the best of holistic medicine. It focuses on your child as an individual and looks at the root cause of any problems your child might have. The emphasis is on nutrition and lifestyle interventions that boost the body’s […]

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A Special Kind of Village

There is a saying every parent has heard: It takes a village to raise a child. And it really does. My daughter is a four-year-old pistol. While I love her very much, she would not be thriving nearly as much as she is if it weren’t for the village helping us raise her. Her grandma, […]

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When I Can't be Everywhere (1)

When I Can’t Be Everywhere: Kate’s Plate

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however, all opinions expressed are genuine. We are thrilled to be able to support this growing local small business.I was finally taking my dog on a much-needed Sunday afternoon walk around the neighborhood. As we enjoyed the fresh air and quiet, I began to mentally scroll through […]

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