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Does it Ever Get Easier

Does It Ever Get Easier?

As a mother of 2 kids close in age (15 months apart), I’ve experienced many jeers and comments.  This started while I was pregnant.  “You have a baby on top of a baby!” (this was because I holding my daughter while 8 months pregnant.)  “15 months!  What do they call that?  Irish twins?”  “You couldn’t […]

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Nursing Yoga

I’ve been nursing my second son, Dash, for 16 months. He has explained, in not-so-many words, that he would like to continue to nurse until he’s at least 39 years old. However, this mama has cut him down to only nursing 3 times a day (morning, naptime, and bedtime), so he’s got some time to […]

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In the Now

In the Now: Surviving Autism

April was Autism Awareness month. Tons of people were “lighting it up blue,” selling puzzle piece jewelry, posting You Tube videos, and basically doing anything they could to raise awareness. There were controversies posted, there were testimonies posted, there were fundraisers and support groups galore. It was wonderful to watch. It was touching to see. […]

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