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Clearing the Clutter with Little Acorn Consulting

Organization took upon a whole new meaning once I had children! One day I will miss dress-up clothes strewn throughout the house and play food everywhere besides the play kitchen, but until then I was ready to welcome expert advice from Beth Bayfield of Little Acorn Consulting, to help get our playroom back in order […]

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allie art

allie art: A Story of Inspiration & sparkles

Last spring, Nora and I, walked past a table at the Mt. Adams Art Walk and couldn’t help but notice the bright and colorful artwork at the allie art table. Fascinated, Nora looked over every trinket, postcard and necklace. Little did we know, that the story behind the art (and the artist) was as incredible […]

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Little E Trends: What Mom’s Decor Dreams are Made of {+ Giveaway!}

Lately I’ve been finding myself less than satisfied with the home decor at the big box stores.  You know, the stuff that looks cute and trendy on the store shelves and then gets thrown out six months later because it’s just nothing special.  Instead, I’m being intentional about where I spend my money and opting […]

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