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In the Now

In the Now: Surviving Autism

April was Autism Awareness month. Tons of people were “lighting it up blue,” selling puzzle piece jewelry, posting You Tube videos, and basically doing anything they could to raise awareness. There were controversies posted, there were testimonies posted, there were fundraisers and support groups galore. It was wonderful to watch. It was touching to see. […]

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We Almost Didn’t Make It

Warning: Do not read this if you haven’t had kids!  Or do, and remember you’ve been forewarned! I never thought I wanted kids. I thought maybe I was missing the “mom gene” or something. I was in denial for a while when my friends told me they thought I was pregnant, until I threw up […]

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Embracing the Living Eulogy

This past Easter was kind of a tough time for our family, when a college teammate of my husbands suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. We had just had a baby who was diagnosed with reflux, and a few other family members and family friends were going through difficult times. My husband and older son went back to […]

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