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5 Parenting Mistakes_

Are You Making These 5 Parenting Mistakes?

As a former high school teacher, I’ve experienced a pretty vast range of behavior, and a lot of what I’ve come across has influenced my own parenting in profound ways. Often, we as parents don’t even realize the subtle influences we are having on our children and the way they handle frustration, rejection, and other […]

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9 Steps to Navigating Childcare Websites and Hiring Your Perfect Caregiver

Let me start this by saying I don’t work in human resources. I haven’t taken a single class on hiring employees or conducting an interview. Working in an office for much of my professional life, I’ve made a few… questionable… hires (like the one girl who kept sneaking off to the restroom for several hours […]

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What to Expect…at the Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo {+ Giveaway}

**Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored. However, we would not promote or work with a business or event we did not believe to be reputable or relevant to our readers. Since Cincinnati Moms Blog LOVES moms and babies, we’re really excited about the upcoming Cincinnati Baby & Beyond Expo. We are always on the lookout […]

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You Can’t Fight Fire with Fire: Managing Tantrums and Meltdowns

You can’t fight fire with fire, or so they say. This common phrase came to mind the other day when I was watching my nearly four year old boy starting to smoke out his ears. Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean. For my kiddo this looks like taking a solid stance, […]

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White Lies

Not so little white lies: Telling the truth even when it’s hard.

It went a little like this…I was applying my mascara and my three and a half year old was in the shower behind me. As I do daily, I was explaining what was going to happen that day and said “…after breakfast we’re going to church”. Usually this is great news, but he’s three, so […]

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A Simple Season: Stopping the Christmas Morning Crazy {Series}

A Simple Season: Tips for Keeping the Heart of the Holidays Part Four: Stopping the Christmas Morning Crazy Anyone else long for the Christmas morning in the Folgers commercial? The leisurely wake up, the aroma of coffee, snuggly pajamas, homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the oven? Sign me up! You see, at this stage of […]

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