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We Almost Didn’t Make It

Warning: Do not read this if you haven’t had kids!  Or do, and remember you’ve been forewarned! I never thought I wanted kids. I thought maybe I was missing the “mom gene” or something. I was in denial for a while when my friends told me they thought I was pregnant, until I threw up […]

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Adult on the Internet

How to Adult on the Internet (and in Life)

We have entered a new season in our culture. In fact, it’s not a season, because it’s always. Not a day passes that there aren’t thousands of headlines that are written for the express purpose of polarizing people. Click-bait, crazy-train, electronic Pitocin, call it what you want – the Internet is full of things that could make you […]

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We See You Mama

The Moms We Are Blessed to Know: A Single Mom, Five Kids & Segregated Bathrooms

We, as a collective American society, sometime feel as if segregation was such a long time ago and a thing of the past. Then, I look at the story of a woman like my mother-in-law and remember how recent those days actually were. There are numerous reasons why I want to recognize “Mama Snow” for […]

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Dear Pregant Lady

Dear Pregnant Lady

The Almighty Internet is awash, dear swollen sisters, in advice about what not to say to you. Here’s an excellent guide from Parent’s Magazine, and a humorous one from from Babble. The advice is pretty good. Really. I agree with 95% of it. I’d never, NEVER, tell you that you’re huge (even though, let’s be real – […]

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