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Why We Should Remember 9/11 {and some tips for how to do so}

Fifteen years. A decade and a half. College. Odd jobs and a career. A marriage to a veteran. Two houses–one home. Three children. Two miscarriages. Two cats. Grocery trips. Endless nights nursing. Insurance. Dishes and laundry and books, oh my. Over the course of fifteen years, I somehow became an adult. I now balance our […]

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The Heart of CMB: One In Cincy

One in Christ.  Won in Christ.  Cincinnati.  Because, God’s Love is Colorblind. The Mamas who make up Cincinnati Moms Blog are incredible in so many ways. Not only are they amazing mothers, each in their own special ways, but they are also a talented, kind and incredible group of women. They are the heart of […]

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When There is No Compromise: Parenting from Different Viewpoints

Recently I had a conversation that was very uncomfortable for me, I found myself in the opposite “camp” of a conversation topic with an individual who I have a great deal of respect for. It was an issue of significance and one that was not just a hypothetical; it was a reality that we were […]

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