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Eight Signs You May Be an Unreasonable Parent

My husband and I are frequently accused of so-called unreasonable parenting. Not by our peers, but by those self-proclaimed experts who bear the brunt of our irrational rules and regulations – our children. Whether you have been formally charged or not, the following are some tell-tale signs that, like us, you may be asking too […]

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Are We There Yet? Surviving a Road Trip with Children

I love vacations. The anticipation, the planning, the prep, and, of course, the fun fun FUN. However, without fail, one thing threatens to spoil it all. Road trip. Hours and hours spent in a semi-confined space with four increasingly restless children. And those four little words that every parent dreads: “Are we there yet?” In […]

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Bye Bye Baby

A few weeks ago, my strong willed, fiercely independent two year old decided she was finished wearing diapers. As in “I not wearing diapers. I wearing underoos.” At no point in the preceeding two years had I felt like she was ready for this step. While she dabbled in appropriate bathroom behavior, more often than not […]

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